Why Choose Us?

Choosing a funeral home is something most people don’t think about. “We’ve always gone to XYZ funeral home,” is something we’ve heard a lot from families, not realizing they had a choice. This brings up a good question. What do you look for when choosing a funeral home?  

First, nobody wants to think about having to choose a funeral home, primarily because it means that a death has occurred, is imminent, or even just the thought of death is uncomfortable. We don’t wish for anyone to have to make that decision, but we are honored to help guide families through this natural process. We are with you from the first point of contact and for years of support with the highest quality of care and compassion throughout this difficult process.

So, what should YOU look for when choosing a funeral home? We can’t say this without a natural bias towards how WE do things at Lind Family Funeral Home. We believe that a good funeral home is one that employs empathy, compassion, and love with every interaction. Because where there is love, there is family. Our funeral home is owned and operated by our family, and we can’t think of a better way to serve people in a time of need than with family.

Actions speak louder than words and we invite you to read some of the reviews left by families that we have worked with about the care and quality of service that we provide.