Transferring My Pre-existing Arrangements

Can I transfer my preplanned arrangements to another funeral home if I wish? Yes. The state of Minnesota requires that all prepaid arrangements be designated to “Any Funeral Home as its interest may appear”. This means that the prepaid arrangement is always your money and allows for you who has a pre-need contract with one funeral home, to re-assign or transfer that contract to ANY funeral home. All funeral homes are required to release any documents disclosed during preplanned arrangements.

Is there any difference in prearrangements, and preneed or prepaid?

Yes, prearrangement is when someone makes informal arrangements for a funeral prior to death, without paying any money for any future goods or services. In contrast, Preneed or prepaid arrangements involve not only making plans prior to a death, but also paying for the future goods and services in advance of it.

Why would I want to transfer my preplanning arrangements?

People change funeral homes for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes its because they have moved to a new area or the original funeral home they prearranged with is under new ownership. Regardless of the reason, at Lind Family Funeral Home we make the transfer process seamless.

How do I transfer my existing preplanning arrangements to Lind Family Funeral Home?

It is as simple as signing a piece of paper. No need to contact anyone, other than letting your family know that you have switched from your original funeral home provider to Lind Family Funeral Home.

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